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When did you last review your trust-owned
life insurance policy?

Our Five-Step Professional Process: The TOLI Expert System™

The TOLI Expert System addresses the complex tax, trust and legal issues involved in the ownership of life insurance inside irrevocable insurance trusts. It uses a comprehensive, five-step process that integrates key aspects of estate planning, investment theory, trust law, accounting, and risk management.

1 • THE LIFE INSURANCE DESIGN QUESTIONNAIRE™ – is an analytical assessment tool that helps you clarify the purpose of the insurance held in trust and creates objective specifications for evaluating the insurance.

2 • THE LIFE INSURANCE POLICY MANAGEMENT STATEMENT™ – brings an analytical discipline to the process of selecting, structuring and servicing life insurance. It gives clear direction to the trustee on how to optimize the policy held in trust and clarifies in writing the duties of each advisor and the trustee.

3 • THE UNDERWRITING ADVOCACY PROCESS™ – is an optional service to assist you and your advisors with obtaining large amounts of insurance for the trust – at favorable rates – when the proposed insured has significant health impairments or when multiple life insurance companies are involved.

4 • THE COMPREHENSIVE MARKET ANALYSIS™ – examines and compares various insurance products from several carriers using the quantifiable standards you established in the Life Insurance Design Questionnaire and Policy Management Statement. In this manner, you and your advisors are able to assess which products meet the selection criteria, and are likely to meet your long term needs and objectives.

5 • tHE POLICY ASSURANCE PROTOCOL™ – is a written service contract between the Trustee and his advisor. It provides for an annual process to review and report on the policies covered. Its intent is to assure that policies are managed in a manner consistent with your goals and will produce the optimum benefit for your beneficiaries as outlined in The Life Insurance Policy Management Statement.










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To get started

To get started working with the TOLI Expert System, please download the info sheet below and then contact our office to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Bob Clower • EMAIL • 508-477-2775


TOLI info sheetTOLI Information Sheet

Download a pdf copy of our TOLI info sheet to learn more about this program.



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